Healings from Dr. Fine

As you'll see below, a visit with Dr. Fine brings a new meaning to "going to the doctor".

Healing is balancing the "life flow" within you. When you are out of balance and not at ease, it's called "dis-ease". The dis-ease materializes in many ways, from major illnesses to heart ailments, back problems, headaches, etc. Life Flow healing integrates the "flow" between your mind, body, and spirit, so you can be restored to a natural state of wellness on the physical, mental, and emotional levels.

Q: Do I need to give up my other health practitioners?
A: Not at all. Dr. Fine's healings are meant to supplement the work of any doctors or health practitioners you may already be going to, not replace them. He never takes a client away from their own doctor.

Q: How are healing sessions conducted?
A: Dr. Fine begins a session with finding out what ailments the client has. He has an uncanny intuitive ability to hone in on the client's current physical condition and state of mind, and knows what the client needs to get well. In working with him, the client will discover a subtle yet deep shifting of body and mind as they heal.

Q: How does the healing process work?
A: The healing process is fairly straightforward. The healer places his hands on the client according to where the healing is needed. It is not necessary for the client to undress. Some people feel the energy from the healer's hands as a warm glow or sensation. Sometimes clients feel nothing, but this does not mean the healing is not working. Most experience an immediate sense of well-being.

Q: How does the client feel afterward? Will I be healed instantly?
A: Sometimes yes. Where the pain is, it often goes away but usually more than one treatment is needed. Some of Dr. Fine's clients tell him that they still have the pain, but somehow they feel better or are more at peace. "They have a higher level of energy, a new zest for life, and the ability to accept their relationship with themselves and their problem, as well as with God and the world around them" explains Dr. Fine. "Over time as the client goes on in his or her life with a more peaceful attitude, the pain begins to subside and eventually disappears."

Q: How does the healing come about?
A: Dr. Fine says, "I am only the conduit and cannot take credit for the healings, nor can I accept condemnation for healings that do not take place." In the many years that Dr. Fine has helped heal people, he claims that he "cannot remember more than one or two cases of people not receiving their healing from me."

Dr. Fine's healings have no specific religious affiliation.

While Dr. Fine has had many successes, at the same time he cautions his clients not to look for miracles or instant healing. Sometimes a client will need more treatments than others in the healing process. "If a client is meant to be healed, they will be. If someone says 'you can't help me', then I can't. They have to have an open mind. I find my abilities to be most effective with clients who have serious diseases, structural weaknesses, heart ailments, and mental and emotional problems that may or may not manifest themselves physically." However, all ailments can be treated with a great deal of success."Being at peace is so much more important than the problem itself. With this sense of peace at hand the client begins the process of getting well."

Q: What ailments can be treated?
A: Dr. Fine has treated all types of ailments with a great deal of success, including cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, heart ailments, fibromyalgia, heavy metal poisoning, depression, and severe emotional turmoil. He believes that all ailments will respond to healing.

Q: Where is the healing session performed?
A: Hands-on-healing is done in person, in a private one-on-one session with Dr. Fine in his office in Southern California.

Q: What if I live too far away to visit him in person?
A: Distance healing over the phone or with Skype is available for clients who are not local to Southern California. This style of healing is as effective as the in-person healings, as can be gleaned from his clients who reside throughout the United States and Europe. The client finds a comfortable position and relaxes with eyes closed, while Dr. Fine does the healing. Dr. Fine can also conduct healing sessions remotely without needing to have phone or Skype connection with the client at the time of the healing.

Q: Does Dr. Fine do group healings?
A: Yes! Group healings can be arranged upon request. Up to 300 people can attend a group session.

Q: Is there a charge?
A: Yes, prices for all services are available on request.

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